What To Consider In An Apartment For Rent?

Time to think about the important factors that will effect your lifestyle when you rent! What should a tenant-to-be consider? Get some renting know-how below!

We can help you find the right Austin apartment quickly, but first you need to know what you need and want in an apartment. Only you can chose where you live, we just make it a little easier!

So where do you begin? You are trying to solve the problem or where you are going to live next year. Ask yourself the same questions you would if you where trying to solve any other problem: Who, What, When and Where, just in a slight different order...


The first of these questions to ask yourself when you are looking for a new apartment to rent is WHO? Who do you plan to live with or do you plan to live by yourself? Sometimes this is a matter of preference, but many times is it is a matter of budget. You can use this roomate worksheet to help you work through roomate choices. You want a roomate that you can not only get along with but shares the same living habits you do in terms of cleanliness, financial responsiblity, consideration towards their roomates, but most importantly someone who wants to live in the same area you do! Which leads us to...


Where the apartment you rent is located is not just a lifestyle choice. Where you chose to rent effects your entire day, every day! Start by picturing a map of Austin; walk yourself through each day of your week. Where do you go the most often? Work? Daycare? The Gym? The bar :-)? The Austin, Tx population is growing at a record pace; how long will your commute be to these places? Can you even get there? Do you drive or is public transportation necessary / an option? Don't limit yourself to one Austin neighborhood though. That will seriously limit the number of apartments for rent that are available to you. Try to find at least three Austin neighborhoods that could work for you (and your roomates) and think of them in order of preference when it comes to your apartment search.


Lots of renters skip over the WHO and WHERE and go straight to the WHAT, as in what are you looking for in an apartment? The standard questions, how many bedrooms / bathrooms, how large of an apartment, how much rent can you afford are usually as far as renters get. There is a lot more to finding the right apartment to rent. Start by thinking of your (and your roomate's) furniture. Most apartments now a days have a pool and some other nice amenities so focus on the apartment itself. What type of bed do you have? Do you have a dining room table? Do you need a desk area to work? How important is it to have a washer and dryer in the unit? Would connections do? How large of a closet do you need? What about the pantry? Really thinking through your possessions and your daily routine will help you find the right aparmtent that doesn't require to you to also get a storage unit! Now think about floor level, do you prefer the privacy and view of an upper level aparmtent or the convenience of a lower level apartment? Do you want to face the pool or away from the public areas? Keep in mind, exactly what you want may not be available for your move-in date or your budget, so it is good to list and prioritize, so that you can meet as many wants as possible in your new apartment! Finally, think of pets, their needs and the costs that might associated with them, how that will affect your rent (it will almost always increase your rent at least a little).


The last question and one of the most important ones in today's market is 'When you can move?'. If you are currently renting an apartment and are moving to a new apartment, then that date probably conicides with your move-out date at your current place. If this the first apartment you have tried to rent, then you may be more flexible. Timing is everything. Apartment complexes can sometimes hold an apartment for short amount of time, but the more limited your move-in date the more limited your options. Planning early and planning well can help avoid some of the hassle. If you are currentlying renting and apartment, you probably were given 90 days notice of the renewal rate and you have to give 60 days notice of your decision to renew or not renew. Use 2 hours of that thirty days to meet with an apartment finder and determine what your options and get in early!

Now that you have answered the big 4 questions, it's time to find that Austin apartment for rent! This is the easy part! Simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 512-318-2504 and we will start a custom apartment search for you today!


Roomate Worksheet: Helps you start a discussion with potential roommates about your mutual living habits and expectations

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