Broken Lease Apartments

Admittedly, apartments that take broken leases are hard to find. Most landlords consider rental history to be one of the biggest factors in determining what type of tenant you are going to be. So how do you rent again after a broken lease? First and foremost, enlist the help of qualified apartment finder.

Not all apartments check rental history, others are willing to consider the story versus looking at the situation as black and white, and still others consider certain components of rental history more strongly than others. How will you know which ones are going to look at your rental application, broken lease and all, in the best light? You won't. These aren't the kind of details you find on Craiglists or in apartment ads. They are the subtle nuances that are only known to those that work in the Austin apartment market on a daily basis.

If you are looking for an apartment that will work with a broken lease, here are a few tips:

The age of the broken lease matters.

The longer it has been, the better.

Your rental history matters.

If you have good rental history since the broken lease, that also helps

The circumstances around the broken lease does not matter.

Well not as much the two above in any case. A few apartment complexes might consider your side of the story, but I emphasize few, and you will very likely need an apartment finder to figure out which ones those are before you plop down a lot of application fees.

In almost every instance additional fees and/or deposits will be required.

This is especially true if the broken lease is new or your most recent rental.

The moral of the story is that breaking a lease makes all your future apartment rentals that much harder. If you have a broken lease rebuilding your rental history in a positive light is critical to your ability to lease apartments in the future. Weigh very carefully the apartments that are available to you to make sure that they fit with your long-term budget and suit your needs. Make sure that of any payment you make, you pay your rent first. Finally, understand your rights and your landlord's rights. Not every tenant / landlord disagreement needs to end in a broken lease. The Austin Tenant's Council is a wonderful resource for information if you feel you are justified in getting out of your lease. They offer telephone counseling and can help you determine if you are truly within your rights to get out of your lease or if leaving would cause a broken lease on your record.

If you have are looking for an Austin apartment that takes broken leases, give us a call or fill out the form on this page and we'll start an apartment search for you today. So that we can best serve you, please be sure to describe your situation. When it comes to an apartment that will work with you, if it is out there, we will find it!

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